3 Documentaries about Art and Politics

Inspiring Documentaries for Artistic Rebels

Art and politics frequently go hand in hand. From Mozart’s daring portrayals of the aristocracy in his operas to Arthur Miller’s critique of ”The American Dream” Death of a Salesman, artists have long used talent to share their political voice. These documentaries showcase some of the brave artistic rebels, incredible historical moments, and inspiring stories from the intersection of art and politics.

The Pianist of Yarmouk 

In this clip from The Pianist of Yarmouk, Aeham Ahmad shares a heartfelt story about an officer burning his beloved piano. 

This documentary puts the spotlight on an unsuspecting musical revolutionary. The Pianist of Yarmouk tells the inspiring true story of Aeham Ahmad – a Palestinian and Syrian refugee who bravely sang out against the suffering of war. As civil war decimated the Syrian cities, Ahmad took to the streets, transporting his memorable upright piano through the rubble of camps to play for his people.

The documentary follows Ahmad from the ruins of Damascus to Germany where he finds a global audience for his cause. The documentary showcases the incredible power of music and the heartwarming passion of Ahmad. Through the unimaginable horrors of civil unrest, Ahmad continues to give music lessons to young refugees, and even when his precious instrument is destroyed, his dedication to music and peace never wavers.

Roses Film Cabaret 

This excerpt from Roses Film Cabaret showcases the Dakh Daughters Band’s passion for politics. 

This documentary is a revolution in real-time. Filmed during Ukraine’s 2014 Maidan Revolution, and completed during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The documentary follows 7 actresses of the Dakh Daughters Band as they tour their political Cabaret through their beloved yet tumultuous country. Shot on stage, in dressing rooms, and on the frontlines, Roses Film Cabaret is a rare window into the ‘’The Revolution of Dignity’’ told through the eyes of the artists. 

Their famous cabaret draws its magic from a careful mix of contagious joi de vivre and sharp critiques of the horrors of war. Not only will you be singing along to their unfairly catchy music, but you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the powerful women behind the Dakh Daughters Band. Join them backstage as they paint their faces for electrifying shows, as they bravely stand up to armed officers, and through the highs and lows of life as artists and mothers in a time of political unrest. 

Berlin Wall Concert 

This excerpt from The Berlin Wall Concert showcases the drama that unfolded in Berlin leading up to the historic concert. 

Few classical musical moments were as impactful as the Berlin Philharmoniker’s celebratory concert just days after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Famed conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim happened to be in Berlin recording Mozart’s Così fan tutte when The Wall fell. When asked if he would lead a celebratory concert he of course said yes, on two conditions: it must be free, and only open to citizens of East Germany. On November 12, 1989 thousands of GDR citizens lined up for the historic concert. 

This documentary features footage from that historic day along with interviews with Barenboim, orchestra members, and attendees of the concert. The documentary does a fantastic job of contextualizing the cultural impact of the concert with plenty of historical background and impactful first-hand footage from the day the Wall fell. You’ll be hard-pressed to keep a dry eye as the camera pans past emotional East Berliners experiencing the orchestra’s breathtaking music while taking in their first glimpse of a new future. 

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